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For ‘Looking for someone’ project, I worked with another Korean Artist, Narae Min. While walking, we passed 4085 people and only one person tried to speak with us, asking “ARE YOU JAPANESE?”

A poster includes his external features, the location where we met him, date, time and a sentence “If you think this is you, check the back of the poster” and we stuck a checklist and a pen inside envelopes. We performed, read the poster and we left the posters at the spot. I hope this work could lead the audience to rethink their words. All questions could be odd or rude or kind from different points of views even if I didn’t mean to. What should we take as our standard?

Performance video 

Poster design (2019), 29.7 x 42.0 cm

Checklist (2019), 11.4 × 16.2 cm

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